I Once Won November 1937 in a Poker Game

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The Trans* Awareness Project is a poster and digital media campaign that attempts to challenge stereotypes and cultivate an environment which celebrates and respects people of all genders. This campaign aims to break down barriers between communities and establish positive social change by showcasing empowering snapshots of local trans* communities and bringing attention to the challenges that many trans* people face in daily life. (x)

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The Little Matchgirl

A little insight! This is a “children’s book” set in the time of the Industrial Revolution.

A young girl has to go out and sell matches and is not allowed to come back until she does because her father is an abusive drunk to her and her siblings. Their mother is dead. On this particular day, she can NOT sell her matches so she retreats to a corner but it’s winter so it is dreadfully cold. With ever match she lights, she dreams of Christmas related things such as a well decorated tree or a Christmas dinner. But she can’t have them because she is too poor. With her last match, she dreams of spending time with her grandmother on Christmas but it fades too soon. That being her last one, she goes to sleep but her grand mother retrieves her.

If you couldn’t recognize it in the last gif, the girl has frozen to death.

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